We partner with allied business that service human cremation organizations to help their clients receive the maintenance and repair service they are struggling to obtain.

Our Mission

Faster Turnaround Time

Our program is by invitation only. By doing this, we manage growth by making certain there is low customer to technician ratio, this way we can respond quickly to your emergency needs. We will never promise something that we can’t deliver. If you are a full member of our program, if we don’t show up within 48 hours, we pay you $1,500.00 a day.

Our members receive a free initial Preventive Maintenance Inspection. This includes calibration and tune-up. You will receive a detailed PMI report that describes any risk or performance concerns with your machinery as well as recommendations to eliminate these risks and get your machines back running at optimal performance levels. Once your machine is restored, we can assure we can respond quickly to any emergency services needed.

IR Environmental Services will keep spare inventory parts at your facility on consignment. If your machine breaks down, there will be no waiting for parts to be located, purchased and shipped.

Our technicians are experienced and well supervised. We are able to promptly assess your machine and fix your machine correctly the first time.

  • A low customer to technician ratio ensures a fast turnaround.
  • We guarantee to show up in 48 hours or less. If not, we pay you $1,500 a day!
  • Free initial preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) decreases potential downtime.
  • Extra spare inventory parts kept on-site to quickly fix potential problems.
  • Most experienced and competent technicians in the industry.

Better Quality

IR Environmental Services has hired the most experienced and skillful leaders in the cremation industry. We closely monitor every job to make certain we meet the expectation every time.

IR Environmental Services schedules and allows enough time to complete the job.

We provide our technician’s world-class training and the appropriate resources to meet the challenge of the job being performed. Our team members will only be assigned to lead a repair or rebuild if they have the skills and experience necessary to meet or exceed the expectation.

IR Environmental services have implemented an employee retention strategy to avoid high levels of burnout and employee turnover. Some of the things we offer our technicians are 6 weeks off a year and 100 percent of the labor charge. This allows us to keep a consistent and skillful staff that learns your machines and builds a relationship with you and your crematory operator.

  • Our team of technicians are the most experienced in the industry. They do the job right the first time.
  • Only qualified technicians are assigned to do repairs and rebuilds.
  • Our low employee turnover rate ensures that your technician knows your needs and will fix the problem. We view relationships as the foundation of successful long-term relationships.

Lower Cost

IR Environmental Services charges wholesale cost. Upon request, you can review all receipts related to the job or parts ordered.

IR Environmental Services partners with other successful organizations that supply the cremation industry. They buy memberships for their clients to IR Environmental Services to help retain their clients and increase the value they provide.

You receive free Preventive Maintenance Inspections with your membership.

Our prices are guaranteed to be the same or less than the quote you receive. You no longer have to worry about hidden cost or bait and hook tactics so often used.

  • Wholesale cost. Nobody other than IR Environmental Services makes this guarantee.
  • Free Preventive Maintenance Inspections with your memberships.
  • Upfront transparent pricing, experienced technicians will result in lower costs. Ultimately helping your business grow, reduce costs, increase efficiencies while reducing stress.

Our Team

About Us

IR Environmental Services was started by a core group of industry leaders that witnessed crematories struggle to get the services they needed. Often wait times for basic repairs and rebuild are 3-6 months, which forces crematories to operate in a high-risk environment or shut down altogether. We are blessed to have attracted the industry’s best talent who wanted to work together to resolve these problems and believe in our unique solutions to resolve the problem

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