About Us

IR Environmental Services was started by a core group of industry leaders that witnessed crematories struggle to get the services they needed. Often wait times for basic repairs and rebuild are 3-6 months, which forces crematories to operate in a high-risk environment or shut down altogether. We are blessed to have attracted the industry’s best talent who wanted to work together to resolve these problems and believe in our unique solutions to resolve the problem.

Our owners, leaders, and support staff all have witnessed in their careers how hard our customers work and sacrifices they make to serve their clients and community. We view cremation as a sacred ritual being performed, where a deceased individual is being transported from the physical world to the spiritual world.

As such, we view our jobs very seriously, as we won’t make to that the cremation goes as a plan so you can have peace of mind that your client’s family can get the experience they deserve and the deceased can be honored and memorialized in a dignified manner.

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