The IR Environmental Services Team

  • Tony Lombardi

    President, IR Environmental Services

    Tony has been manufacturing, servicing, operating and training on cremation equipment around the world for 39 years.

  • John Mitchell

    Vice President

    John started his career in 2000 as part of the fabrication team for the fabrication of cremation equipment at Industrial Equipment Engineering Corporation (IEE)/Matthews International. John’s expertise led him to the position of field technician, where he installed, serviced, and repaired cremation and ancillary equipment in 25 countries and throughout six global continents. He installed and retrofitted this high-tech system across the globe. John developed training materials and personally trained new technicians and crematory operators on repairs, troubleshooting techniques, and efficient operation of equipment.

    In 2014, John joined US Cremation Equipment (USCE) as a technician, installing and completing rebuilds, repairs, service, and trouble-shooting for retorts and refractories. Promoted to the position of Director of Service and Training, he expanded a one-person service department to a team of nine. John became a Certified Crematory Operator during his tenure at USCE and worked diligently to develop state-required training and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the Certified Crematory Operators Program. This 18-year veteran of crematory service continues to be part of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) faculty, teaching classes and innumerable students in countless crematory CPE courses.
  • Chris Brown

    Service Manager

    Chris came to IR with over fifteen years of journeyman electrician experience from 1997 through the middle of 2012. He then worked as a service technician for the cremation division of Matthews International for five years. Chris has been involved in approximately 25 refractory rebuilds on equipment, the complete rewiring and replacement of parts on 6 units, various refractory repairs, and approximately 88 floors. Chris joined IR in 2017 and continues to be a valuable leader of our service department, training and managing the team of service technicians. As an essential member of the IR service team, he delivers telephone and online support, completes repairs, service, and troubleshooting, and provides project leadership.

  • James Norton

    Crematory Education and Training Manager

    James formerly worked at Matthews International for 15 years. He started as a shop fabricator and refractory installer for 10 years before he became a highly skilled machinery service technician. As a 15-year serviceman in the U. S. Navy, James acquired skills as a diver/welder. James joined IR in 2017 and brought his disciplined technical skills to the service team.

  • August Esposito

    Account Manager

    August Esposito comes to IR Environmental Services with a passion for aiding crematories, funeral homes, and cemeteries by helping customers improve and update crematory supplies and equipment. August brings a wealth of knowledge in account management and customer service. In his free time, August enjoys exploring the outdoors with his fiancée and their two Australian Shepherds.

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